Lotus Nutrients Bloom Pro Series

Designed to trigger the rapid onset of flowering, Lotus Nutrients Bloom Pro Series provides your plants with all the necessary components needed for strong development for massive yields spanning all flowering sites.


  • Contains over 14 separate ingredients uniformly distributed through the powder
  • Full-spectrum of macro and microelements designed for a complete, all-in-one product
  • All of the micronutrients are 100% chelated for full solubility & immediate availability to your plants
  • Fortified with naturally occurring amino acids, organically sourced & 100% water-soluble & available to the plants
  • Fully soluble, low sodium, seaweed extract component provides naturally occurring growth-promoting factors
  • Specially selected fulvic acid is integrated into the blend to provide for better nutrient chelation & uptake
  • Naturally formulated powders are designed to bring the pH of your water to a comfortable 6.0. Non-acid forming, will not require a significant amount of pH UP/DOWN to bring into the correct range

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