SuperCloner Hydroponic Cloner - 50-Site

Take the guesswork out of growing with a 50-Site SuperCloner Hydroponic Cloner. Germinate, clone, and vegetate your plants up to nearly 2′ in height. You can even flower and harvest plants. This DIY cloner promotes rapid, lush white root development and will maximize your germination and cloning success rate for up to 50 seeds or clones.

The SuperCloner 50-Site Hydroponic Cloner DIY truly takes the guesswork out of growing. We have created the ideal indoor gardening environment inside of our hydroponic cloner, in which every key detail has already been considered and incorporated into our professional design.

You will have the luxury of following these simple instructions to attain amazing results and yields of the highest quantity and quality yields, comparable to those of Master Growers.

  1. Refresh your reservoir every 1-2 weeks
  2. Add nutrients
  3. Adjust your pH
  4. Sit back & watch them grow!

The SuperCloner 50-Site Hydroponic Cloner is fully assembled (just plug it in and add water!) and durable and easy to clean. Plus, it includes a 1-month manufacturer warranty on everything.

Included Components

  • SuperCloner 50-Site Hydroponic Cloner This SuperCloner gives your new plants just what they are looking for in their early stages of life. This Deep Water Culture hydroponic system promotes rapid, luscious white root development. Germinate, clone, and vegetate up to 50 plants to their perfect transplanting condition.
  • Humidity Super Dome The Humidity Super Dome creates the ideal micro-climate for your developing plants.
  • Eco-2 Air Pump & Accompanying Air Stones Eco Air series pumps are very quiet, yet extremely powerful. This strong and durable pump is widely used to provide oxygen in hydroponic systems and they are convenient to operate without oil or noise.
  • 50 Net Cups These 2″ cups give you the ability to nest up to 50 seeds, clones, and vegetative plants.
  • SuperCloset Instructional Manual The easy-to-follow instructions will show you step by step how to correctly set up your SuperCloner and prepare you to get growing the day that your hydroponic kit arrives

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