General Hydroponics FloraGro® Nutrients - 1 Gallon

General Hydroponics FloraGro provides nutrients for structural, vegetative, and floral growth, as well as building strong roots. This one-gallon jug contains a combination of primary nutrients, magnesium, and pH buffers to keep nutrients fully water-soluble and available to plants. It is ideal for all hydroponic applications and as a nutrient supplement for potted plants.

First formulated in 1976, FloraGro is part of General Hydroponics' three-part Flora Hydroponic-Based Nutrient System. This one-gallon jug will help give you a consistent and precise way to feed your plants through every stage of growth.

Meant to be used with FloraBloom® and FloraMicro® - both sold separately - FloraGro will help you fulfill your plants' nutrient needs at every stage of growth in all kinds of environments, for happy plants from seed to bloom. Adjust how much and when you use each to create your own personal recipes. Then grow knowing your nutrients are optimized to deliver the primary, secondary, and micronutrients that push serious growth and brag-worthy blooms all season long.

Flora Series is formulated to help feed the right minerals, in the right ratios, to help plants flourish. Each formula is carefully proportioned for balanced nutrition. Too much or not enough of a particular element in a plant’s diet can lead to deficiencies and toxicities.

Plant to Use With Hemp, vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers & other high-value crops

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