Bubble Flow Buckets Hydroponic Grow System 8 to 12 site

Grow the biggest plants with the best yields with a Bubble Flow Buckets Hydroponic Grow System. They combine DWC and Constant Current technology to create a fully automated, recirculating hydroponic grow system. Easily transport your clones or young starts into this easy-to-use system.

Typical bubble buckets designs have failed to fully address the need for a complete bucket and reservoir circulation, leading to constant issues with pH and nutrient hotspots. Each of your Bubble Flow Bucket plant sites will have consistent pH and TDS readings, eliminating the need for constant surveillance on your grow’s most important metrics. You can finally have confidence that your hydroponic garden is reaching its ideal potential without the extra work.

The Bubble Flow Buckets are individually hyper-oxygenated for faster growth and optimum root health. Easy access to the reservoir means you have a one-stop location for all feeding and water maintenance needs. Finally, growing a massive indoor garden has never been simpler.

With both high-powered water pump flow and deep water culture air diffused oxygenation, this system continually churns the water with a rushing river effect, giving your plants an unparalleled ideal environment that equates to rapid and lush root development.

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